May it be known to the one who finds this work. It was necessary, in order to provide a complete and thorough summary, to share the story of three men who lived during different times. The three will be identified by a unique symbol.

Cedric the teacher will be given the crown.

Cedric found a box hidden in a secret compartment of a desk previously owned by the prestigious Professor Rylo. The box held a red gem and his journal that contained these words:


I implore you to do one of two things after reading the verse. If you can complete it, dedicate your life to obtaining the Crown–for you will bring glory and light to yourself and this world. If you cannot complete the verse, burn this book, sell the gem, and forget my words that you have read.

On three separate occasions, I have found this verse. Once on a shield, another on a grave, and lastly in the Library of Kings. Each time I found it, I also found that it was missing what seem to be key words to locating the Crown. I give my work to you and bid you farewell.

And two rings for the Varrian knight whose name is Brigg.

One of the greatest Varrian knights to serve the kingdom was given land and charged by King himself to live in peace with his family for the rest of his days.

He has never known that the blood of one of the greatest warriors to ever live flows through his veins.


He does not know that someone is searching for him and that his help will be needed to fight against the rising threat that wishes to consume all lands.

To Aric the prince, the Malloriott

The King is dead. Aric, the heir to the crown, is being hunted by his younger brother who wishes to kill him and take the throne for himself. 

Three of Aric's friends have joined him to help him reclaim the kingdom.

Craigger: Known as the best archer in the kingdom. She had won every archery competition since she was six years old. Each arrow she released from her bow seemed to obey her mind as it flew through the air.

Marac: The highest advisor to the King and a recluse. He is rarely seen outside of his chambers within the castle. He is known as the wisest man in the kingdom.  


Rylee Treadwell: The captain of the King’s Guards and long time friend of Aric and Craigger. He was taller and stronger than most in the kingdom. Very few called him by his first name. He was a Treadwell from a long line of Treadwells that served as captain of the King’s Guard. Calling him Treadwell brought honor to him and his family.

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